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To start one of our representatives will demonstrate our software in its entirety via our online demo. They will then assist you with our online software service and feature checklist. Our service and feature checklist ensures that we provide a solution that will deliver all of the features necessary for any type of prepress, printing, bindery, finishing, packaging, mailing or fulfillment services that your company or network of suppliers may offer.

Once we have agreed upon the purchase price and timeline for the features and services requested, we start with the production of your customized Print-Quotes Software powered web site.


We utilize our unique "3D Strategy" to design, develop and deliver your own company web site powered by Print-Quotes Software.

Design Phase

Interface Design

Print-Quotes will design an aesthetically pleasing graphical-user-interface that compliments your company’s corporate identity. The interface will help to enable easy navigation and immediate access to information.

Upon approval of the interface design, Print-Quotes will continue with the development of your web site.

Development Phase

Development Server and Software Configuration

Print-Quotes will configure our development web and database servers with the appropriate access to ensure a secure and stable environment for the production and testing of a development copy of your company’s Print-Quotes powered web site.

Each Print-Quotes powered web site database is loaded with sample data to expediate the development process and provide reference data for new users of the software.

Interface Development

Print-Quotes will integrate your approved interface design with our software. We will incorporate the latest technologies for developing state of the art web pages while paying careful consideration to visitor browser brands and versions, screen resolutions and colour depth, download times and programming languages.

All pages will be designed with navigation in mind. Using a series of visual clues, users will always know where they are located within your web site.

Content Development

Print-Quotes will implement customer supplied content so that all information will be presented in a clear and precise manner to prevent information overload. Content will be formatted and organized in easily digestible amounts. In addition, photos, graphics and animations maybe integrated throughout the content to add visual interest.

Data Input and Configuration

Print-Quotes will work with you to input all of your printing, prepress, bindery, finishing, packaging, mailing or fulfillment equipment, materials, services and pricing information.

We will update the sample data as per the project types, services, equipment and features selected on your software feature and service checklist.

Testing and Evaluation

Print-Quotes will provide usability, functionality and security tests to ensure that all information is being calculated, processed and stored as specified.

Upon the success of Print-Quotes’s own testing procedures, your new Print-Quotes Software powered web site will be made available from Print-Quotes’s own development servers via the Internet to the appropriate parties for testing.

Upon testing and with your approval, Print-Quotes will continue with the launch of your web site.

Delivery Phase

Network and Server Configuration

Print-Quotes Software powered web sites can be hosted from your own in-house server or from our Print-Quotes’ data center. Our team will assist you by supplying and configuring the appropriate Internet connectivity and network equipment to host your Print-Quotes Software under any circumstances.


Prior to the official launch of your Print-Quotes powered web site, Print-Quotes will arrange user-training sessions as per your software feature and service checklist.

Web Site Launch

Upon your approval Print-Quotes will officially launch your new company web site.