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Press Release - Print Action Magazine - [Story Below]

Print-Quotes Software Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its newest version of software designed to integrate with one of North America’s leading accounting software products “Intuit’s© - QuickBooks®” to deliver a highly functional and cost-effective turn-key solution for small to medium sized printers.

The new “QuickBooks” integrated version was essential in meeting the demands of both Print-Quotes’ current and potential customers who have long recognized the many valuable time and money saving features of the software but expressed an additional need to control inventory and purchasing, collect employee production time, process payroll and provide detailed profit/loss reporting.

The new version allows Print-Quotes Software’s instantaneous on-line quotes, orders and payments to be easily exported into any new or existing version of Quick Books accounting software. Upon order import, services and production materials are assigned to the associated Quick Books accounts allowing detailed reporting of sale prices versus the actual employee time, services and materials utilized during production. Also upon order import, existing paper or substrate inventories are automatically queried and when necessary the user is reminded to create purchase orders prior to production reducing short shipped orders and bottlenecks in production.

“To date, our clients have recognized one of the biggest reasons to purchase our software is its marketing potential. Advertising instant on-line estimates, anytime from anywhere, creates an instant advantage over the competition and quickly helps to establish any company as a leader in today’s market. We have many clients who have focused their advertising around the on-line estimating features of our software and seen sales increase by 200-300 percent in the first year or two… and now with the new Quick Books integration features our clients will be able to do so much more and know the true bottom line at any given time,” says Chris Lasso, president of Print-Quotes Software Inc.

Over the last two years Print-Quotes Software has became the number one choice for 1-50 million dollar companies in Canada’s printing Mecca, Toronto, outselling all other print management and estimating software products in its category. Companies who have previously invested ten’s of thousands of dollars in other print management and estimating products have purchased Print-Quotes Software and are now witnessing increased sales, lower expenses and improved customer service.

In 2005, Print-Quotes Software established its first American client. The client’s site was launched earlier this year and offers complete print management and instantaneous online estimating for their Sheet-fed Offset, Digital and Large Format Printing departments saving everyone time and money!

Press Release - Print Action Magazine - [Story Below]

After a year of uncertainty for most printers, one of Canada’s largest trade printers is continuing to attract new clientele in a most unconventional manner.

One year after putting their trust in a small development company Print-Quotes Software Inc. (formerly Print-Quotes Software Inc.) and their Print-Quotes software (A do-it-yourself browser based print estimating/enterprise software that can power any web site), the Toronto Trade Printer is seeing more than a 500% increase in projects quoted each month.

Even though Keith Luder, Toronto Trade Printer’ Vice President is unable to provide exact numbers of how many projects quoted actually became orders, he admits that Print-Quotes software has been a big part of their 20% increase in sales. After recently installing Print-Quotes latest version to make it even easier for customers to create their own quotes and speed up the process, Luder says “he looks forward to utilizing more of the advanced features of the software to track orders and production information in the future.”

When conversing with Chris Lasso, Print-Quotes Software’s creator at the Print Ontario Exibition, Luder said “I had looked forward to the software relieving the burden of trying to provide timely turnarounds to requests for quotes but I never imagined its sales potential when combined with good marketing and competitive print prices.”

Prior to installing Print-Quotes, Point-One was faced with problem of hiring more estimators to work with their existing estimating software and keep up with ever increasing requests for quotes.

The chart below illustrates how Print-Quotes in its first year of operation at our facility has been able to estimate an astonishing quantity of projects without requiring a proportionate increase in estimators. Prior to installing Print-Quotes, our company was estimating with their existing estimators and software an average of 25-30 projects each business day.

Toronto Trade Printer First Year with
Print-Quotes Software
Toronto Trade Printer
Quantity of Estimators
On Staff
Total Projects Estimated Each Month With
Print-Quotes Software
Average Projects Estimated Per Business Day
With Print-Quotes Software
In Projects
Estimated Per Business Day
Apr-02 1.5 346 18 -28%
May-02 1.5 473 22 -12%
Jun-02 1.5 676 34 36%
Jul-02 2.5 1740 83 232%
Aug-02 2.5 1545 74 196%
Sep-02 2.5 1754 88 252%
Oct-02 2.5 2059 90 260%
Nov-02 2.5 2208 106 324%
Dec-02 2.5 1817 91 264%
Jan-03 2.5 2445 112 348%
Feb-03 2.5 2965 149 496%
Mar-03 2.5 3267 156 524%

Another Toronto Trade Printer is Print-Quotes most recent installation and their reasons to purchase comes as no surprise to Chris Lasso. Dave Harb, Toronto Trade Printer 2’s owner said “A few of my key customers tried the Print-Quotes demo and then requested that I install the software to help them improve their business and compliment our quality printing services”. After meeting with Lasso and learning more about Print-Quotes and the on-line demo (www.print-quotes-software.com),Toronto Trade Printer 2's IT guru Chris Wallans who has years of experience in the printing software industry said ”Print-Quotes uses the best open-source, Internet standard technology available and therefore is a rock solid, non-propriety, cross platform program that will not incur expensive upgrades or "per client " charges down the road.” After listening to Harb’s and Wallan’s reasons to purchase the software Lasso said “Print-Quotes’ was designed to leverage the power of the Internet and save everyone time and money… and it does… and I know it’s only a matter of time until other industry people like yourselves realize it too…”

Press Release - Print Action Magazine - [Story Below]

Tangible e-Business

Customer quotes over the internet can provide more than turnaround
by Jon Robinson

After three years of development, Chris Lasso (right) and Matt Roszkowski have been working closely with one of Canada’s largest trade printers to install Print-Quotes, an estimating package for clients to create their own quotes via the internet. This novel approach to browser-based e-business is starting to get a lot of attention...

Press Release - American Printer's IN-Register - [Story Below]

Do-it-yourself Print Quotes

Print-Quotes Software new e-business software enables authorized customers or employees to create instantaneous quotes and orders via a fully automated estimation process. Each estimated project receives a digital docket--which includes such production information as service, paper, production material and equipment specs--and can be viewed, printed or sent as e-mail attachments with all quotes and orders. Customers can get customized pricing with Print-Quotes' multiple-price-list capabilities, and can store all projects, quotes and orders for future jobs. The software also offers registration, online credit application and support for production down payments as well as real-time, online payment processing via credit account, credit card and digital checks. Print-Quotes operates from a Unix or Linux server, and can be integrated with accounting or enterprise software. To learn more, visit www.print-quotes-software.com.

*Note: Due to the competitive nature of the printing industry and at the request of our customers, we do not publicly display any type of client list. However if you are interested in our software and would like to establish credibility of our press releases above please contact us for a list of customer press release references.