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What will Print-Quotes Software do for Your Company?

Increase Sales

  • Instant 24/7 quotes and orders attract new customers
  • Resellers are able to respond quickly to RFQ's and win more jobs
  • Your web site becomes the first place customers go day after day
  • You find out about projects that you never knew existed
  • Opportunity for a sale with every web site visit
  • New markets (Global Exposure, End Users, Resellers)
  • Accurate and consistent automated estimating reduces error and maximizes profits
  • Detailed customer and production analysis enables competitive pricing structures

Lower Expenses

  • Reduce the need for experienced print estimators
  • Reduce time and cost per estimate
  • Reduce customer service requests
  • Reduce sales and marketing expenses
  • Reduce administration and processing expenses
  • Reduce production errors and inventory

Improve Service

  • Account specific quote and order history
  • Dynamic project and production information
  • Reseller mark-up capabilities
  • Real-time production status
  • Design file uploading and on-line proofing
  • 24/7 support help desk